Appeal of veterinarian Oleksandr Karyukhin, Kalyta Animal Health Service, Kalyta village, Brovary district, Kyiv region

My name is Oleksandr, I am a veterinarian, I carry out independent professional activities under a license, I am the owner of a veterinary medicine outpatient clinic in the village of Kalyta, Brovary district, Kyiv region. I am currently working alone.
Kalyta Animal Health Service is a veterinary outpatient clinic that I opened in the village in 2016. This is the only institution in the territorial community (the community includes the villages of Zavorichi, Mokrets, Bervitsa, Opanasiv, Semipolky and the village of Kalyta) that provides veterinary services for the population in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of pet diseases.
The outpatient clinic started its work in a small 16-square-meter room and a 12-square-meter room that housed a veterinary pharmacy. For this purpose, 2 kiosks were purchased to house the outpatient clinic and the pharmacy.

In 2021, the company purchased and began reconstructing an old garage for the needs of the outpatient clinic. All work was carried out at the expense of funds received from veterinary practice and raising own funds from the family budget. In early 2022, the new premises were almost ready. In March, the outpatient clinic was scheduled to open in the new premises. But active hostilities made adjustments. The community was under occupation for 28 days. The outpatient clinic was not damaged, but there was no opportunity to work for two and a half months. Nevertheless, after the de-occupation, it was decided to invest the available funds, complete the repairs and start working in the new premises. Since May 2022, the outpatient clinic has been operating in a new 40-square-meter building with separate therapy and surgery rooms and a reception area. Today I continue to work and provide all possible veterinary services. But currently, there are a large number of IDPs in the community who are unemployed and unable to pay for veterinary services in full. The profitability of the business has also declined quite sharply due to the emigration of existing clients and the reduced solvency of the remaining population. Therefore, the question of purchasing any expensive equipment is currently out of the question. Of course, in order to carry out your business, you want to be able to use effective diagnostic tests, perform blood tests, conduct ultrasound diagnostics, perform surgeries with a surgical electrocoagulator, etc. But buying a blood analyzer or an ultrasound machine is unrealistic, given the level of profit and profitability of the business.

With the involvement of charitable foundations, we are currently conducting free spay/neuter of animals at the outpatient clinic. As the issue of stray animals is quite acute in the community.
In view of the above, I would be very grateful to the Association for any assistance that will help us not to stop, but to carry out veterinary activities, help animals, and develop in the field of veterinary services.
Without vain hopes, as I understand that some colleagues are trying to work in even more difficult conditions, but with hope and respect, Oleksandr Kariukhin.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Kalyta Animal Health Service Veterinary Clinic expresses its deep gratitude to #USAVA for the assistance provided. There is strength in unity. For us, this is an opportunity to continue to develop small animal veterinary medicine in rural areas.
We are also sincerely grateful for the opportunity to join the program of free sterilization, marking and vaccination against rabies for IDPs and low-income owners.
Our deepest gratitude and respect!
Together to victory!

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