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Dear members of USAVA!

"By decision of the Board, USAVA refuses to collect membership fees for the period of hostilities in Ukraine. Better give these funds to support the Armed Forces!"

You can get a new FECAVA membership card, which still stores historical people who have a veterinary connection.

The new participant card depicts Richard Felker, who was born on May 26, 1896 in Northern Germany (Minden). He studied veterinary medicine at the Veterinary School in Hanover from 1918 to 1921 and worked from 1921 to 1932 in Göttingen and Leipzig. From 1932, Richard Felker worked as the director of a clinic for small animals in Hanover. His areas of interest were anesthesia, clinical pathology and surgery. He has supervised more than 200 dissertations and eight specialties. Among even more activities, he was the founder of GSAVA.

The new membership card comes as a printed email attachment and will be sent to all USAVA members.

The card identifies the veterinarian as a member of FECAVA and entitles you to participate at a reduced cost as a delegate from Eastern Europe, for example, at the European FECAVA Congress (additional confirmation of membership may be requested by the organizers of the Congress).

The membership card confirms that you are a member of FECAVA.

This card is non-transferable.

Additional forms of identification may be requested.

Advantages at FECAVA congresses:

– Free access to the online archive of the European Journal of the Practice of Companion Animals

– Free downloads from the FECAVA website

– Discounts for participants in promotions www.fecava.org

By joining USAVA, you automatically receive membership in FECAVA and WSAVA