Address of Daria Pozniakova, “Victoria” Veterinary Clinic, Kropivnytskyi

I am a veterinarian in the city of Kropyvnytskyi, I am writing to your fund with a request for help!
The fact is that I have been working with our shelters and animal protection organizations for many years, the main task is to reduce the population of homeless animals by sterilization, but given the war, we were left without the support of both the state and the people, now everything goes to the support of the Armed Forces. Tell I won’t tell you what stopping the sterilization will lead to, you understand it like no one else.
Our city is a refuge for forced migrants and their animals, and considering even my prices for sterilization and vaccination, it is financially difficult for them! I am asking for your help in supporting the sterilization and vaccination of homeless animals! This is important for me, for the furry ones and for our city in general!!! We believe in Victory and that, soon we will return to our lives and our work regime, but for now , I ask you to support our furry friends

Feedback on the assistance provided

Good day, my relatives!!!
Many know that since the beginning of the full-scale war, I have been looking for a way to make sterilization of animals more accessible, to make care for animals more accessible in general! At the moment, we have support from the world veterinary organization USAVA
Thanks to the support of the foundation, we have free vaccination against rabies, chipping (by the way, now it is very important, even for those animals that have already been vaccinated) and also more affordable sterilization!!!

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