Appeal of veterinarian Daria Zhurbenko, Veterinary Clinic “Dovira”, Kharkiv

I am a veterinarian, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians. We provide assistance to injured animals, homeless and displaced people, as well as low-income groups and their animals. We are with the world of animals and owners affected by Russian aggression! Our outpatient clinic “Dovere” has been operating for 8 years.
Unfortunately, today many animal owners are in a difficult situation, they do not have enough money for full care.We ask for help in the form of a microchip reader. This device allows to identify pets and thus control their owners so that they do not throw them out on the streets.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Unity of the veterinary community for the sake of furry health 🙌
The war has affected each of us, changed our life circumstances, forced us to reconsider our values, but what has remained unchanged is the desire of doctors to continue to take care of animals. Tails are suffering from the consequences of the hostilities, and they do not stop getting sick. Timely veterinary care is important for their well-being and happy life.
➡️ The Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians USAVA supports its colleagues and their patients across the country by introducing the BASED program. The program provides assistance to veterinarians in obtaining education, clinics in rehabilitation, and provides veterinary drugs, equipment, and supplies. Tails have the opportunity to undergo free chipping, spaying, neutering and vaccination.
Our clinic has also felt this support. Thanks to USAVA’s help, we purchased a coagulator. We also recently received a chip scanner.
▪️ We really appreciate and are infinitely grateful to the organization for helping the Trust, as well as animals and their owners affected by the war!
American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF)

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