Address of Anastasia Zadernovska, head of the “Tail” public organization, Smila city, Cherkasy region (together with “Animal World” Veterinary Clinic)

In Smila there is an extremely glaring situation regarding homeless animals due to the complete inaction of the former city authorities and the specific location of the city, namely Smila is surrounded by villages, many villages are visited by city transport, and electric trains run on which people (without any exaggeration ) puppies and kittens are brought to the city in sacks.
Now I keep a record of homeless animals for sterilization, including farm animals. And a situation arose when the owners of domestic dogs and cats apply for an operation, but unfortunately, the program does not apply to such animals. Often these are even thoroughbred animals, the owners of which are in a difficult situation, are pensioners, immigrants, etc. In general, we have a small city (population 60 thousand), there are no industries and the population is not wealthy, so sterilization is expensive for people. In some cases, I help pay for sterilization at the expense of my public organization, but funds are limited. May I contact you about the possibility of implementing your pet sterilization program? And what is needed for this? Even 3-5 sterilizations of domestic dogs and cats per week would have a great positive impact on reducing the population of homeless animals in the city.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Sterilization of animals is the only legal, humane and economically feasible way to control the population of stray dogs and cats.
We express our great gratitude to the USAVA Foundation (Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Doctors) for choosing us as participants in their project and for already sending everything necessary for the start of preferential sterilizations, and vaccinations and chipping of the owner’s animals.
We thank you! ❤️
Operations will take place in the clinic in Yablunivka by appointment.

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