Address of the Chairman of the Board of the Charitable Organization “Charitable Fund “Innovative Solutions for Animals”, Daryna Derii

Dear Vladlen Mykhailovych, I, the chairman of the board of the “Innovative solutions for animals” charitable foundation, maintain a shelter for 33 dogs. On February 26, 2022, we transported 26 of our animals from Chornomorsk to the village of Zvir, Lviv region. In March, they evacuated 7 old dogs from a shelter in Kyiv, at that time active hostilities were taking place there and the animals were in danger. Also, our BO provides assistance to volunteers and shelters that take care of homeless animals in Odesa, Donetsk, Kyiv, and Zhytomyr regions. We cooperate with volunteers from Kyiv, who every weekend carry out humanitarian trips to liberated cities and villages (currently in the Kharkiv direction).Our organization “Charitable Fund “Innovative solutions for animals” was registered in 2021, but actively began to operate since March 2022. Unfortunately, now the level of assistance from our foreign donors has significantly decreased and we are not able to provide all requests for assistance on our own. Please help us with antiparasitic drugs and animal feed. I will be sincerely grateful if the “Ukrainian Association of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals” will help us cover at least part of these needs.

Feedback on the assistance provided

“Many thanks to USAVA for the help and support!
They gave us 130 kg of fodder this week. The tails are happy and full, and I really appreciate that USAVA responded to my request and promptly delivered the feed!
I also know that the program helps displaced people and low-income people sterilize, vaccinate and vaccinate animals – and that’s extremely cool!” – “Innovative Solutions for Animals Charitable Foundation”

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