Address of Natalia Grebennikova, “Kremenchuk Tails” Charitable Foundation, Poltava Region, Kremenchuk City

I am Natalia Grebennikova. I am the founder of “BO “BF KRMENCHUTSKKI HVOSTYKI”.
My husband Viktor Grebennikov and I have been running a shelter for abandoned and homeless dogs and cats since 2009, at the address: Poltava Region, Kremenchuk, str. Sumsk, bldg. 59
At the moment, there are 259 animals in the shelter (157 dogs, 58 cats, 30 puppies and 14 kittens)
Since the beginning of the war, more than 50 animals have been adopted from hot spots in Ukraine.
The shelter is not financed, but survives at the expense of charitable contributions from caring people. We are in great need of dry food, preparations for the treatment of ticks and fleas.

Feedback on the assistance provided

The home-type shelter for homeless dogs and cats named after the Grebennykovs in Kremenchuk (BF “Kremenchuk tails”) would like to express a big thank you to the charitable organization @usava !! We got an antiparasitic kit for dogs and cats, against fleas and worms! Of course, such things always need shelter!! We are truly grateful to you!! Thank you for your work, for your caring and wonderful employees!!
Sincere thanks from our shelter and tails!!

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