Address of Ihor Rudko, Four Paws-Norma Veterinary Clinic, Pokrovsk city, Donetsk region

Since the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the number of animals with bone fractures of the front and hind limbs, rib fractures, head, neck and spine injuries, with penetrating stab wounds and shrapnel wounds has increased.
We are asking you to provide assistance with veterinary medicines (antibiotics, pain relievers, blood substitutes and perfusion solutions, drugs for anesthesia), dressings and suture materials, to provide veterinary care to homeless animals under the care of the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Thanks to the help of @u_s_a_v_a and veterinarians in Europe and North America, a dog from New York was given free surgery and free treatment for piroplasmosis. Free vaccination against rabies and chipping was also carried out. Thank you very much for supporting Pets of Ukraine!

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