Master Class USAVA 2021

From May 21 to 23, 2021, join us and veterinary professionals from around the world in the online and offline exciting and interactive event this year.

And from 21 to 23 May 2021 for Ukrainian doctors will be held Offline Congress in the city of fountains Vinnytsia.

Congress directions:

  • Dermatology
  • Therapy (Internal medicine)
  • Nephrology
  • Orthopedics
  • Dentistry
  • Diseases of cats
  • Anesthesiology and intensive care
  • Abdominal surgery
  • My mistake / my clinical case
  • Pathomorphology
  • Diseases of exotic animals

Master Class USAVA 21-23.05.21 Оffline


Hall №3


Antonina Gaydamak

Master class: How to improve the diagnostics of routine dermatological examinations.

                    the cost 3000 грн.

Hall №4


Round table:

On the issues of legislation in the field of veterinary medicine: “Licensing of veterinary practice: realities and prospects”.

Organized and conducted by representatives of the Association of Veterinary Owners.

Practicing veterinarians are invited, and all comers, specialists from various industries.

The cost for everyone is free

Hall № 5

Olga Koroleva

10.00-16.00 Ultrasound examination algorithm of the animals gastrointestinal tract: from the assessment of norms to a detailed description of the pathology.

the cost 1 грн.


Hall №3


Dmitry Berezhnoy

Master class: Osteosynthesis of the forearm and lower leg with the Ilizarov Apparatus.

                     the cost 5000 грн.

Hall № 4


Evgeny Beletsky

Master class: “Pain and regional anesthesia”

Consider the following topics:

  • Pain physiology and regional anesthesia
  • Head regional anesthesia
  • Techniques for regional anesthesia of the extremities (femoral, sciatic nerve, brachial plexus)
  • Regional anesthesia in the chest and abdominal wall

                         the cost 5000 грн.

Hall №5

Sergei Tkachenko

10.00-16.00 Bone grafting of the upper and lower jaws – as a restoration of a bone defect and as a preparation for implantation.

                     the cost 6000 грн.


Hall №3


Ivan Stoykov

Master class: Minihemilaminectomy. See everything in 20 minutes.

                        the cost 10000 грн.

Hall №4


Ekaterina Cherepanska

Master class: Ultrasound examination: from the birth of specialists to confident steps. How not to get lost in 256 shades of gray.

Cost: free for members of the association, for everyone else 1000 грн.

Hall №5


 Sergey Bondar

Master class: Inhalation Anesthesia and artificial ventilation of the lungs for those who dreamed of launching this direction in the clinic, but considered it too difficult or did not know where to start. We will repeat the basics of the respiratory and blood circulation physiology, study the applied mechanics of respiration, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics of inhalation anesthetics, analyze in details working principles of respiratory and anesthetic equipment, learn how to assemble anesthetic and respiratory circuits, and manage them, control the depth of anesthesia and conduct basic monitoring of a patient during the anesthesia.

                        the cost 4000 грн.

Registration and participation in the Online Congress is –1 грн.

Certificate of participation in the Online Congress – 600 грн.

Registration and participation in the Offline Congress – 1600 грн.(Certificate of participation in the Offline Congress is included in the price).

Congress program in pdf format here.

Registration for USAVA 2021 is valid from the moment you made the payment.

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