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USAVA veterinary activities in Ukraine

Dear colleagues the world over, we appreciate your help and support for Ukrainian veterinary doctors and their patients during this difficult time. Animals do not stop getting sick because of political situations, or even war. The provision of veterinary care is still essential to their wellbeing and continued health.

We have developed the following action plan:
👉 Organising clinics that have ceased to work to reopen and provide veterinary care.
👉 To provide assistance in staffing e.g. doctors’ assistants.
👉 The provision of veterinary drugs and consumables: support for domestic production and retail companies, supplies from abroad.
👉 Information support:
▫️ Educational activities
▫️ Workflows
▫️ Informing colleagues of the activities of our veterinarians during the continued hostilities.


One USAVA current account and place of information to support our charitable contributions:

Sample payment order in favor of clients
Joint Stock SIBAN “Pivdenny” in EUR & USD.
Name of the beneficiary: Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association
Address of the beneficiary: Genuezska str.24 a, Odessa, 65009, Ukraine
Account UA173282090000026008010048132
Odessa, Ukraine
Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
‎400886522200 EUR
New York, USA
Account number꞉ ‎8900319313 USD
Details of payment

All funds received by USAVA during the war are used exclusively for the veterinary needs of the small animals of Ukraine.
A report on funds received and spent will be sent directly to you and posted every day on the USAVA Facebook page.
Vladlen Ushakov (President of Ukrainian Small Animals Veterinary Association);
‎+380503369810 (Viber; WhatsApp).

With best regards
Vladlen Ushakov

BSAVA and the Czech Association of Small Animal Veterinarians CSAVA have joined forces to hold a free FECAVA / CSAVA EuroCongress 2022 for 🇺🇦 Ukrainian veterinarians – in person or remotely.

Click for more information

During the war, USAVA and our donors together provide assistance to: doctors, paramedics, assistants, veterinary students, all forms of ownership who lost their veterinary business, work, relatives, property completely or partially lost premises, equipment, due to destruction or forced evacuation.

First of all, to those who still want to work and develop veterinary business in Ukraine❗️
We provide assistance to colleagues who are temporarily outside Ukraine❗️
We are together with students ❗️
We are together with the animals of Ukraine❗️

We consider requests from colleagues from all over Ukraine, mainly from the following areas:
* Kyiv,
* Donetsk,
* Luhansk,
* Chernihiv,
* Kharkiv,
* Sumy,
* Kherson,
* Mykolaiv,
* Zaporozhye.

How USAVA and donors can help you colleagues

Provide targeted assistance and advice on the following issues:
* providing the necessary equipment,
* rent of premises for clinic,
* rental housing for the owner and his family.

How to request help
Send us the following information:
* Full Name,
* what city are you from, the name of the clinic,
* tell your story and add photos / videos.

We provide assistance to our veterinary community:

* veterinary drugs, medical materials and protective equipment, sutures, animal feed;
* veterinary or medical equipment: X-ray, X-ray digitizers, ultrasound, cardiomonitors, infusomats, syringe dispensers, glucometers, lactometers, centrifuges, microscope, hematological and biochemical analyzers, blood gas analyzers (open system), analyzers;
* operating lamps;
* veterinary and medical instruments: phonendoscopes, thermometers, glucometers, electrocoagulator, etc .;
* basic and surgical consumables;
* veterinary and medical drugs that can be used in veterinary medicine.
We pass it to the address.

USAVA and donuts together provide transparent control.

If you have suggestions and the opportunity to help, please contact us in a way convenient for you.

We try to be as useful as possible and ensure the well-being of the small animal veterinary industry with all the resources available to us.

Veterinary support for small animals.

USAVA receives financial assistance from our colleagues around the world and personally AVMA & WSAVA Foundation & ANICURA AHLEN GMB & SKSAVA & SOCIETA ITALIANA DI DIAGNOST PD: EROGAZIONE LIBERALE!
We are sincerely grateful to all those who joined in supporting Ukraine in these difficult times.

The following charitable contributions remain on the USAVA account on April 24, 22:
1. $ 15,000.
2. 7,000 euros.
3. UAH 10,124.83.
They exchanged $ 3,000

So far, we have organized the purchase of medicines and feed for the city of veterinarians:

1) Anna Buryak. For Kherson.

2) Ermolaeva Marina Sergeevna.M. Shatsk,

3) Maria Dubinskaya. М.Никополь.

4) Kushnirova Anna Anatolievna. M. Zhytomyr.

5) Shvedun Victoria. Kharkiv.

6) Osipova Julia. M. Kharkiv.
Purchased from the following companies:
Biotest Laboratory – UAH 17,787.3.
Chebotarenko – UAH 35,320.45.
Vetbio – UAH 23,979.
Viris-2727 UAH.
A total of UAH 79813.75 was spent in the national currency.
Debt UAH 0

Distribution of assistance is carried out upon receipt of applications from veterinarians to USAVA.
Please contact the USAVA Help Offices:
From these points, feed and medicine will be distributed further in Ukraine, where they are really needed.
Please, all those who need humanitarian aid, contact us!
How to get help from USAVA?

USAVA assists veterinarians during the war through donations from international organizations and the personal contributions of veterinarians from other countries.
We know how important it is to get what we need to maintain and restore a veterinary business that was damaged during the war.

To make this help as effective as possible, follow these steps:

– Send an application letter or video message to usava@ukr.net
– Make a list of medicines, consumables, building materials you need if the clinic / office building needs repair or restoration of equipment damaged during the war
– After receiving help, write a report and publish reporting information on social networks marked USAVA.

Aid Committee Ukrainian Small Animals Veterinary Association
+380503369810 (Viber; WhatsApp)

USAVA Partners