Guidelines for Veterinary Practitioners Handling Companion Animals During the COVID-19 Outbreak

– Let clients call you so you can decide which visits have priority.
– All personnel must wear protective equipment (as recommended by the Ministry of Health).
– All workers should wash their hands regularly and thoroughly (after each contact with a pet or owner) and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.
– Follow at least a 2 meter distance from other people; avoid contact (handshaking).
– Make appointments by phone or online.
– Inform pet owners about new protocols through signage and digital channels.
– Only one healthy adult person should accompany the animal.
– Allow only one customer to be in the waiting area.
– Allow only one client to be in the consulting room.
– Regularly wash and disinfect door handles, check-in counters and any area that people touch. – Provide wearers with hand sanitizers – If possible, divide the team into two groups without physical contact with each other. – Send home all staff who can work from home.

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