Global principles for veterinary collegiality 

As professionals in the field of veterinary medicine, regardless of our specialization and area of practice, we are responsible for the health and welfare of animals, entrusted to our care. As part of our profession, we also have a responsibility to protect human society and its members through our involvement in the One Health paradigm and our interactions with animal owners, guardians and caregivers.

To fulfill these obligations and to be sure that we meet the expectations of the communities we serve, the veterinary profession needs to be trusted and respected. To ensure and maintain the high respect that our profession has achieved among humanity, it is essential that members of the professional community behave respectfully and collegially towards colleagues.

All interactions in veterinary medicine must prioritize the well-being and health of our patients and occur in an ethical and dignified manner. The principles outlined below are implemented to define the appropriate collegial interactions so that we, as individual professionals and as a profession in general, can strive to achieve the patient care ideals set out in the WSAVA Veterinary Oath [1].

[1] Also WSAVA Veterinary Statement

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