Appeal of the Charitable Organization “Manana Charitable Foundation” (animal shelter), Kyiv region, Skybyn village

Our shelter for animals “Manana” is a shelter of a closed type, located in a settlement of Brovar district. Currently, there are 106 dogs, 112 cats, and 2 storks in the shelter. In the shelter, 90% of the animals are after severe injuries. In addition, we take care of about 100 homeless animals, the number of which is constantly increasing. Our shelter Charitable organization “Manana Charitable Foundation” has been operating for 14 years. Unfortunately, our shelter is currently in a difficult situation, there are not enough funds for full maintenance and care. Please help us with anti-parasitic drugs and animal feed.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Manana Shelter thanks USAVA Ukrainian Association of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals for the assistance provided in the form of: Reucher daily for dogs, 10 kg – 7 pcs. Reucher standard for cats with chicken, 10 kg – 2 pcs. Reucher standard for cats with beef, 10 kg – 2 pcs.Reucher standard for cats with fish, 10 kg – 2 pcs.Reucher standard MIKC for cats, 10 kg – 1 pc. Our curious animals, as always, came to see what’s new! We sincerely thank you for your help! Thank you from us and our pupils, we really hope for continued cooperation! With love and respect Manana shelter!

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