Appeal to Lyubov Makarenko, city of Semenivka, domestic animal shelter

Good day! I am Makarenko Lyubov, I live in the north of Chernihiv region, in the small town of Semenivka, it is 20 km away. from the border with Russia. I have been working as a teacher at a music school, volunteering – I have been grooming and feeding homeless animals for six years. I do everything for my meager salary of 6,000 gr. Animal feed costs up to 2,000 per week, which is a total of 8,000 grams. The local authorities do not help, a couple of times they gave two bags of fodder of 10 kg each. People help one time, if I voice a problem, these funds are immediately spent on food. And you also need medicines, pills against helminths, drops for fleas and ticks. During her practice, she has already equipped more than 200 animals in all. Those who cannot be accommodated remain with me. Now I have 22 dogs and 19 cats, one of them is disabled, without a hind leg. I volunteer myself, no one from the local area wants to help. I carry 50, 40 kg of fodder on my own, on the sewing machine, when I can get as much as I can. I also pay for the sterilization of animals from my salary. Credit card – 25,000, it will run out soon, and I myself need something to eat. My husband does not help me or the animals financially. All by herself. The booths need to be insulated, the material is also needed, the merchant will pay for it himself. I also insulate and make crafts myself, the video shows that a lot of things need to be finished, material is needed. Financial situation does not allow to hire people. Most of the animals live in a private yard where the husband’s parents lived. 4 dogs and 10 cats in the apartment with us. In the dog kennel, a fence is falling from the side of one company, the owner of which does not want to fence, although it is his fence, straw is still needed for the winter. The representatives of the authorities to whom I am contacting do not want to help either. These are our problems. If there is an opportunity to help us with fodder, we will be very grateful. In the video I am attaching, not all cats are walking, some are walking, and dogs are on their own, then come back in the evening. One spotted one in the video is wild, but lives near the yard all the time, we feed it, but it doesn’t come close to our hands. One puppy was adopted, 20 adult dogs and 2 puppies remained. I will still pick up the sheepdog that was thrown away, because it is already old. There are still puppies in the abandoned city, it will be necessary to take away their mother, then sterilization, and so on. I will be grateful for the help.

Feedback on the assistance provided

A pleasant event happened at my animal shelter. We received help – 120 kg. feed from USAVA and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. This help is very important and necessary for us. I want to express my gratitude for the essential support during such a difficult time for us. Thank you!

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