Appeal of the Charitable Organization “Together Strong” Charitable Foundation (shelter for animals) – Veterinarian Evgenia Makovskaya – Dnipro city

We are asking you to consider the possibility of providing free (humanitarian) aid in the form of feed for animals of the “Together Strong” Foundation, a shelter for dogs and cats. The shelter has under its care 29 dogs and 98 cats, not counting those animals that come from evacuation and are being treated. Cat food on average 175-200 kg per month (total need, not taking into account specifics, such as kitten food or canned food and therapeutic diets). The need for food for dogs per month is about 150 kg (dogs from 3 kg to 25 kg in size, there are puppies).
With the hope of assistance in solving the issue.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Today I want to say a big THANK YOU to @u_s_a_v_a ❤️🔥The incredibly cool team is doing a great job in these difficult times. They help, they really help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. This time we received help with food for shelter animals under the BASED program from the Usava team. Thank you very much for your help❤️
We wish your team development and creative inspiration🇺🇦❤️

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