Appeal of Iryna Slipchenko, , Tishkin House cat and dog shelter, Zaporizhzhia

I am Slipchenko Irina Vyacheslaviana, a resident of Zaporizhzhia, I run a shelter for cats and dogs (36 cats and 15 dogs) “Tishkin House”. At the moment I have a big request for your help with vaccination,
revaccination and sterilization of the animals in my shelter. And if you have the opportunity, please help with food.

Feedback on the assistance provided

I express my deep gratitude and low bow to the Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (USAVA)@u_s_a_v_a
for the support and assistance provided to the animals of my home shelter “TYSHKIN DOM”!
I am deeply touched by such a sensitive attitude and understanding of the situation that is currently happening in our country. Not only people, but also animals are suffering!

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