Address of the founder of the Charitable Organization “Charitable Foundation “LYUBY NOSE”, Victoria Romashenko, city of Kyiv

Dear Vladlen Mykhailovych! I am the founder of BO BF “LUBIY NIS”, Viktoriya Oleksandrivna Romashenko. My foundation provides regular assistance to a small shelter located in the Kyiv region. After the occupation of the village in which the shelter is located, the number of animals is actively growing (the number of abandoned animals has increased, including due to the problem of lack of “culture” of sterilization, there is a constant replenishment of puppies and kittens), now there are 45 cats and 7 dogs in the shelter. All residents of the shelter later found families, mostly in European countries. Also, before the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we helped a shelter located on the demarcation line (then still in the “ATO zone”) in the Donetsk region, village Dobropilla It is also a private shelter, currently there are 46 dogs and 65 cats. In addition, we have a number of requests regarding point assistance with fodder and treatments against parasites for migrants from Donbas and people living in the Kharkiv region. As a rule, these are requests from socially vulnerable sections of the population or people in a difficult situation. If possible, we provide fodder, necessary medicines and means to fight against parasites, sterilize animals. Our organization BO BF “LYUBY NIS” has been operating since 2018. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, we have been providing food to volunteers feeding stray and abandoned animals, and eventually our resources ran out. There have been more requests for assistance.We ask for help in the form of anti-parasitic drugs (worms, fleas), animal feed (dogs, cats). Your help from the “Ukrainian Association of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals” will be provided free of charge to a shelter located in the Donetsk region, to displaced persons and low-income citizens of Ukraine, who suffered as a result of Russian aggression and the inability to keep their pets on their own, as well as citizens from the occupied territories of the Kyiv region.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Received help from USAVA today, very grateful for feed and deworming:
✅ 90 kg of feed for dog noses
✅40 kg of feed for cat noses
✅AnimAll WetLine spot-on 5 pcs
✅ Bilfeb Plus anthelmintic – 3 packs (100 tablets)
✅AnimalAll WetLine antihelminth – 3 packs (50 tablets)
Soon all the help will go to noses☺️Report later 😎

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