Address of the Communal Institution “Shelter for Animals”, the city of Kamyansk, head Olha Konyk

Our shelter, the Communal Institution “Animal Shelter” KMR has been operating for over 2 years.
The communal institution “Animal Shelter” captures and sterilizes homeless animals, keeps more than 500 animals, the number is constantly changing, as many animals entered the institution from hot spots and many abandoned animals. We also provide assistance to homeless and displaced animals, vaccinate and sterilize animals for free, deworm, treat fleas and ticks, perform animal surgeries and provide veterinary care. Unfortunately, today many animal owners are in a difficult situation, there are not enough funds for full care. The institution operates exclusively on budget funds and charitable contributions. In connection with the introduction of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, priority expenditure items are financed. Therefore, we are asking you to provide help: drugs, vaccines, dressing materials, anti-parasitic drugs, anesthetic drugs, antibiotics, suture materials, animal feed, drugs and solutions for animal hygiene.

Feedback on the assistance provided

Sincere thanks to the USAVA committee and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation for 50 doses of BIOCAN DHPPi+LR, 50 doses of BIOFEL PCHR and 100
Despite the adversity, they did not give up our shelter!
Thank you!!

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