Address of the Chairman of the Board of the Charitable Organization “Charitable Fund “Innovative Solutions for Animals”, Darina Derii, village of Zvir

Dear Vladlen Mykhailovych, I, the chairman of the board of the “Innovative solutions for animals” charitable foundation, currently maintain a shelter for 37 dogs. On February 26, 2022, we transported 26 of our animals from Chornomorsk to the village of Zvir, Lviv region. In March, they evacuated 7 old dogs from a shelter in Kyiv, at that time there were active hostilities and the animals were in danger. We are asking you to help us with animal feed, because we have a critical situation, the feed we ordered was stuck in Lithuania for a week or two. There is no financial possibility to buy anymore (I will be sincerely grateful if the “Ukrainian Association of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals” will help us cover at least part of these needs.

Feedback on the assistance provided

This is a post of immense, boundless gratitude!
USAVA agreed and gave us 400 kg of fodder (50 were sent by mail, I took 350 from a truck in Lviv). They saved my tails from starvation this month!
In short: at the beginning of the month, we ordered and paid for feed in Lithuania. Thinking that I would have food for my furry friends, I bought and sent food to the shelter in Odesa and Okhtyrka. But the car, which was supposed to bring food in a few days, broke down and was stuck in Europe for more than two weeks. There was no money to buy feed for this period and we were facing starvation ((
When I sent a request for help to USAVA, I did not even expect that help would come so quickly and in such a huge amount!

I am happy that there are such programs, I am grateful to every person who works for the sake of Ukrainian animals! Thank you USAVA!

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