Address of Svitlana Zimenko, Public organization
“Rehabilitation center for helping animals “Territory of Angels”, Kharkiv city

My name is Zimenko Svitlana, I am the founder and chairman
Public organization “Rehabilitation Center for Animal Assistance” Territory of Angels”I was given your contact to contact you with a request for assistance for animals. We have been helping animals in the city of Kharkiv and the region for 8 years.
1.5 months ago, the NGO was officially registered. If you could help us with food for dogs and cats. we would be very grateful. We deal with very serious animals that have been in a traffic accident, under fire or that have suffered from cruel treatment. We treat them in the hospital and look for families for them. We also look for families for all homeless animals. We are also looking for families for all homeless people. We help the population sterilize domestic animals and sterilize street animals. We search for lost pets and return them to their homes. We currently have 125 cats and 87 adult dogs and 14 puppies under our care. It is already problematic to find food in our city. A lot of people come to us with the same problem. If you can help us with fodder and veterinary treatments, we would be very grateful to you.

Feedback on the assistance provided

November 26, 2022
We submitted a request for help with feed for our foster animals in
USAVA and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation
They responded to our request and sent us 70 kg of dog food and 70 kg of cat food.
Our Ho Animal Rehabilitation Center “Territory of Angels” is very grateful for your help.,❤️🇺🇦
We are very grateful to everyone who supports us with our tails.
Together to victory and may goodness and love live in hearts ❤️

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