Address of Rasputna Yulia Veterinarian clinic “Aibolit” city of Pryluky

There are a lot of homeless animals in the city. Two animals per month, our hospital sterilizes cats at our own expense (free of charge for animal caretakers). We also offer a discounted rate for the sterilization of cats and dogs for the homeless, displaced persons and the poor. In August, our hospital received a grant for which we operated, vaccinated against rabies, and chipped 98 female animals free of charge. We cooperate with several animal volunteers. Some have up to 20 animals. We help two zoo volunteers with food and medicine. Please help us with drugs, vaccines, dressings, antiparasitic drugs, anesthetics, antibiotics, suture materials, animal feed and animal hygiene products and solutions.

Feedback on the assistance provided

In the city of Pryluky, the situation with homeless animals is acute, and our hospital has decided to once again hold a campaign for free sterilization, chipping and vaccination against rabies of homeless animals. We started looking for grants and sponsors, and the Ukrainian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians USAVA responded to our request. They provided us with vaccines, chips, drugs for anesthesia and consumables. Thanks to their help, we plan to operate thirty homeless animals for free in a week. We partially cover two districts in the city of Pryluky, namely Opytna district and V/M 12. Only homeless animals cared for by volunteers take part in this campaign. Several animals have already been operated on, vaccinated and chipped.

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