Address of Ivanna Motrych, junior inspector-dog handler at the Drohobytsky Correctional Colony

I’m Ivanna Motrych, a junior dog inspector at the Drohobytsky correctional colony. Since the beginning of the war, Thais in general have had a hard time with food. I am generally silent about medicines, treatment for ticks and worms… On the balance sheet of our institution there are 7 search dogs and 8 guard dogs that are on duty on the territory of the colony. 7 wanted breeds are: Belgian shepherd, Malinois, and German. Guards – Alabai. Therefore, I sincerely ask you to agree to help us with fodder. Also, if there is an opportunity, drugs for the treatment of intravenous ticks, anthelmintics.

Feedback on the assistance provided

And in dark times there are bright deeds, that’s probably how I want to call my post and express words of gratitude to USAVA for the help provided with food and flea and tick preparations, anthelmintic preparations to our service dog kennel… Thank you very much… Inspiration and strength in your hard work …

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