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Vladlen Ushakov

Education – Odessa Agricultural Institute (1994), Presidential Academy of human resource management (2002).

DVM, PhD (veterinary medicine), Master of public administration

Vladlen Ushakov is author of 25 publications, co-author of patent, author of lectures and presentations concerning management and epizootiology of small and productive animals. He delivers numerous lectures to popularize new achievements of the World and European veterinary communities among Ukrainian colleagues. Vladlen Ushakov is one of the founders of Ukrainian small animal veterinary association. Since 2002 he is a participant of World and European small animal veterinary congresses.

The main objective of the association is increasing of proficiency of veterinarians, protection of corporate interests and assistance in decision of corporate issues of veterinary clinics, practicing veterinary surgeons and the state veterinary service. The greatest event contributing to professional development is USAVA Congress that takes place every year and is visited by veterinarians from Ukraine and other countries. Annually USAVA conducts about 10 regional seminars all over Ukraine.

USAVE members participate in postgraduate veterinary education program for Eastern Europe under the aegis of World small animal veterinary association (WSAVA). WSAVA CE that takes place each year in the city of Kiev is a part of this program. All WSAVA lecturers are world-known experts in their fields.

USAVA pays much attention to polarization of veterinary profession. Association members publish their articles in periodicals; take part in broadcasting and television programs. Year after year our training events evolved as a result of veterinary medicine progress in our country and formed Integrated USAVA Higher School.

It is obvious that the primary goal of Association is to formulate diagnostic and medical approaches to treatment of the diseases veterinarian faces in his practice. Active members of Association carried out much work to found Integrated USAVA Higher School.

We paid attention to all conferences that took place this year all over the world and to every publication in small animal veterinary magazines. We receive and analyze thoroughly this information and compare it with results of our own work. It formed the basis of reports presented at USAVA Institute.

Year after year more and more association members share their skills and knowledge. Lectures are delivered by leading experts in the field of small animal veterinary medicine from our country. All lectures cover the previously chosen subject.

We are sure that Integrated USAVA Higher School activities will result in recommendations on treatment of patients with various pathologies that will be published in 2012-2013.

USAVA Congress takes place every year. It is visited by hundreds of Ukrainian veterinarians and world-known veterinary experts that make reports and deliver master classes. For more than 20 years USAVA manages professional development of veterinarians in Ukraine.


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